Sustainable Development Principles

Strategic sustainability principles play an important role among the key principles and business areas of MKB. They are conditionally divided into three groups:

  • Environmental—those based on the aspiration to enhance a positive socioeconomic impact and reduce or mitigate an adverse impact on people and environment and related risks arising as a result of human vital activity, products, and services.
  • Social—those aimed at improving the socioeconomic welfare of the population in the regions of presence and providing for responsible interaction and respect of interests of the relevant stakeholders for the purpose of achieving sustainable development goals.
  • Corporate social responsibility principles—those aimed at providing for transparency and information openness of the Bank’s activities and implementing the sustainability principles in the business processes.
According to the results of the first Russian study on the application of responsible financing in the Russian banking sector presented by WWF-Russia, the European University at Saint Petersburg and the Analytical Center of the National Rating Agency MKB is among
Russian banks in implementing sustainable development principles in terms of information disclosure on the website.