Retail Business

A pension program is one of the main social lines of the MKB Retail Business. The priority in developing programs and products in this area is given to the convenience for customers as well as to the possibility of maximum consideration of wishes and needs of senior citizens who live an active life today: travel, use financial services, and master the internet.

In 2019, MKB received an international Frank Banking Reward Award 2019 for the most economically advantageous card for pensioners «Mudrost Pension Card». This card is issued to receive pensions and combines safety, convenience, and benefit from depositing and using funds.

Characteristics of Mudrost Pension Card

  • Free card service
  • Free cash withdrawal in ATMs all over Russia
  • Accrual of interest on the balance of own funds on the card account
  • Free SMS notification on card transactions
  • Points accrued for purchases made with the card under the MKB Bonus loyalty program (two categories of increased points accrual are available to choose from: 5% of the amount of purchases, 1 point = 1 ruble). «Pharmacies» category is always available.
  • 10% is accrued to the bonus account for the purchases in 36.6 and Gorzdrav pharmacies.
  • Zabota remote consulting service is available.

Those customers who receive their pension to Mudrost card have access to a free 24/7 remote consulting service Zabota. With this service, the holders can receive free consultation of a medical expert on the state of their health; make an appointment to the doctor, for a medical checkup or ask questions of a welfare nature, on the organization of social service and leisure time. This service is extremely popular among our pensioner customers.

From the beginning of 2019, the Bank issued more than 120,000 pension cards; the number of Mudrost pension cards is expected to be about 300,000 by the end of 2020.

In 2019, the Grand deposit was rather popular. It provided for several important options at the same time: high rate, replenishment option, monthly interest accrual. A distinctive feature of this deposit is its target audience: customers of retirement age (55 years+ for women and 60 years+ for men) or upon presentation of a pension ID/pension award certificate. A deposit account can be opened remotely in the mobile application and via internet banking as well as in MKB offices and self-service terminals.

In 2019, the line of retail products for pensioners was supplemented with the Grand consumer loan with the reduced interest rate for any purposes for an amount of up to RUB 1 million.

We render a full package of services to pensioners. With the special card Mudrost and the Grand deposit launched, we also saw the demand for loans. Today, pensioners live an active life, they travel and help their grandchildren and children. We created this product particularly for them to make their dreams come true at any age”.
Aleksey A. Okhorzin, Head of MKB Retail and Electronic Business Development Directorate

Other functional retail products in the MKB product line:
Product Key features
Savings account
The everyday money box with an option of withdrawal and replenishment at any time. Payment for daily purchases with the card ensures better profitability with the minimum efforts.
MEGA Online deposit
It is a gainful and convenient deposit that may be opened at any time via internet banking for a minimum amount of RUB 1,000, while the closing date of the deposit may be set at an appropriate time (vacation, holiday, birthday, etc.).
New Year Dreams deposit
It has been developed for those categories of customers who are not well-versed in finance but are willing to gain practical experience in earning money on securities.
MKB Online digital channel
Increasing the accessibility of financial services, including for people with limited capabilities, elderly citizens, and physically challenged people. It enables money transfers via the Faster Payments System (using the phone number, with no commission fee charged), setting up automatic payment for utility services, payment of the receipt using a QR code, issuance of a loan or a mortgage loan without leaving the house.

Since February 2019, the Bank has been working actively with the Union of Pensioners of Russia. As part of this cooperation, the Bank also renders sponsor aid and support in holding socially important events for pensioners.

In September 2019, MKB acted as a general sponsor of the solemn evening in honor of Moscow pensioners «Our Never-Ending Youth» in the State Kremlin Palace, dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Union of Pensioners of Russia in Moscow. In 2019, the Bank also supported the following sports and creative contests: Nordic walking, computer multisport competition, choir competitions, amateur art fest of the elderly generation, city spartakiads (sports and athletic contests), and other social events. The Bank takes part in the regular awareness-raising work with the elderly people on payment for housing and utility services, social support, health-care services, pension support, and provision of medicines.

Since December 2019, MKB employees are present in two divisions of the Pension Fund of Moscow and Moscow Region to consult people, issue pension cards to customers, and provide information materials. It is planned to increase the number of Pension Fund divisions where our consultants are present to 50 by the end of 2020.