Information on insurance products

Insurance services that appeared with the introduction of a new product line of cards
  • Trip cancellation, reduction, or refusal
  • Flight delay for more than four hours, up to 12 hours
  • Insurance against thefts
  • Medical expenses, admission to hospital
  • Evacuation, arrival of close relatives, returning home, and repatriation
Insurance product line for retail customers In the Bank division, the customers may insure:
  • Their life and health and life and health of their close relatives, including against critical diseases (oncology, cardiovascular diseases); receive a remote consultation on the state of their health, and undergo a primary medical checkup
  • Property
  • Against fraud with bank cards.
Investment product line
  • Individual investment account
  • Investment life insurance
  • Cash-value life insurance
  • Unit investment funds

The customers may also apply for service products that allow receiving a consultation of a professional lawyer on any question and tax deductions the customer is entitled to under the law (mortgage, studying, treatment, and investment products).

The above insurance products will let customers improve their quality of life and take care not only of their property but also of their health and health of their close relatives.