Corporate and Investment Business

Adherence to the principles of socially oriented business is a global trend of the last decades, and these principles underlie the activities of the leading Russian companies and international holdings. For the purpose of implementing the MKB Environmental Policy and ensuring high environmental and social standards of its operation, the Bank promotes the implementation and distribution of the best social and environmental practices.

In particular, for the purpose of ensuring high environmental and social standards, the MKB Environmental Policy provides for monitoring of the loan portfolio to check its conformity to the national and international requirements for environmental protection as well as the list of sectors excluded by MKB from the financing system.

Apart from control of compliance with requirements, MKB also notifies its borrowers of possible environmental and social risks of their work and requirements placed by laws. Besides, if applicable, the Bank may refer the borrowers to the organizations that can increase the social and environmental efficiency of the borrowers’ business.

MKB has a rather extensive and diversified customer database with its active part accounting for over 15,000 corporate customers from different economy sectors. Many large corporate customers of MKB and a number of other companies with which we interact actively also understand the importance of sustainable development issues and have already implemented relevant principles and standards in their activity.

The Bank conducts regular issue-related polls of its customers to develop and design products and services that would meet their up-to-date preferences. The main task is to optimize the product line, implement innovative technologies, and search for a personalized approach toward the demands of different sectors and customers.

In 2019, MKB held a number of seminars and conferences for corporate customers, which enable the use of products and services of the Bank and its partners to the maximum benefit. Besides, at those events, the participants could study the possibility of the effective use of business subsidy and support programs.

List of events in which MKB took part in 2019:

  • Debt Markets and International Financing
  • Modern Cash Management Technologies
  • Settlement and Liquidity Management Products and Services, Risk Hedging

Extension of regional cooperation

Extension of geography and strengthening of cooperation in the field of social and economic development in the regions of presence form an individual line of MKB business development

  • In February 2019, a cooperation agreement was signed by MKB and the Government of the Republic of Buryatia at the Russian Investment Forum. The agreement governs interaction in solving priority tasks of development of the Republic, participation in financing of the socioeconomic, infrastructural, investment projects, organization of the support program for small and medium businesses, and support of the formation of investment attractiveness of the region.
  • In summer 2019, at Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, MKB and the Government of the Perm Territory signed an agreement for interaction in solving priority tasks of development of the region and participation in the implementation of strategic projects, including socioeconomic, infrastructural, and investment projects.

MKB is developing project financing actively with a view to participating in the strategic and socially important projects in the territory of the CIS. Among the bright examples of such investment initiatives, there are financing of construction of schools and kindergartens, development of accessibility of energy and transport infrastructure, improvement of life quality, and a focus on the responsible use of nature.

Cooperation for the development of socially important projects

MKB’s investment and corporate blocks develop cooperation with a big number of corporate customers from different economy sectors, which promotes investment climate development and the growth of the overall welfare in Russia. Special attention is paid to the development of a socially responsible, highly efficient, and careful approach toward business conduct. Investments in the strategically important companies for Russia (including infrastructural and energy companies) facilitate the acceleration of economic growth and improve people’s well-being.

As an organizer of bond-secured loans, MKB helps its clients raise debt financing on advantageous terms, which allows companies to implement large infrastructure and socially important projects, supply the population with affordable and high-quality goods and services, and promote the growth of the economy and overall well-being in every possible way. Thus, in 2019, MKB became the organizer of bond-secured loans for such companies as:

Another area to be developed is the interaction with the government in regions; such projects enable financing of the most important socioeconomic projects. In 2019, the following projects for the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and Nizhny Novgorod Region were implemented:

Private Equity Special Situations (PESS) platform was set up on the basis of MKB in 2019. Its main goal is to develop and invest in the projects that do not fall into the frames of a standard banking product but have a strong technological and/or economic potential and high social importance.

In the mid-term prospect, work with the problem companies within the frames of PESS development will enable business recovery, creation of new jobs, and development of the economy of the regions. New joint ventures that will be created with the support of MKB will increase the efficiency of the Russian economy due to newly produced synergies.

In the future, investing in green economy projects and companies within the frames of PESS will improve the environmental situation in the country and all over the world, which is critical for people’s health and well-being. In their turn, innovative and infrastructural investments of MKB will make the daily life of people more comfortable and will enhance the availability of health-care services and education.