Work with Mass Media and Public Agenda

As one of the largest private banks and a systemically important federal bank, MKB is extremely interested in building constructive relations with mass media. MKB operating in compliance with the international CSR standards pursues an information policy of transparency and openness for all audiences.

There is the media office in the Bank that interacts with the mass media and broadcasts the Bank’s opinion to the outer world. The Bank publishes its news on a regular basis. In 2019, the Bank issued over 300 own news and gave over 600 comments to the mass media.

The total number of Bank mentions in the mass media was 30,300 publications (vs. 14,461 mentions in 2018), including publications in the leading Russian and international business and public and political resources: Kommersant, Vedomosti, RBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, Expert, Komsomolskaya Pravda, and others.

Bank representatives speak in mass media and at public events on the Bank activities, work of the financial market, and on the economy as a whole. In 2019, MKB representatives took part in more than 100 public events, including the largest federal events, such as Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, Eastern Economic Forum, International Financial Congress, and others.

The Bank discloses its financial statements and reports on the work of its Management Board and Supervisory Board on a permanent basis.

In 2019, the Bank became the partner of the Europe’s largest mass media fest for the first time. The Bank supports the development of modern, professional, and high-quality journalism at any level, from federal issues to local newspapers of small villages. Daily work of the Bank’s media office is dedicated to ensuring the transparency and availability of information about the work of the Bank, its social agenda, products, and services.

Customers in the banking market are particularly sensitive to reputation, and they «vote with the ruble» for or against banks. The increasing speed of information exchange and over-mobility of any content change the work strategy of the communications specialists. Not only the quality of reply but also its speed come to the fore”.
Viktoriya Poygina Vice President of Marketing and PR
Viktoriya Poygina