Support of Socially Important Projects

Arifmetika Dobra


Arifmetika Dobra

Arifmetika Dobra charitable foundation was set out six years ago by Roman Avdeev, the famous Russian businessman and controlling beneficial owner of MKB. The goal of the foundation is to solve the problems of the orphanage: to help orphaned children search for a family and get adapted to adult life, to support adoptive families.

The foundation runs the following programs:

CHANCE (1,307 children; 111 orphan asylums; 36,502 lessons; 480 graduates)

The program is aimed at increasing the level of social adaptation of children from organizations for orphans and children left without parental care. The program includes regular individual online lessons for children with tutors in the subjects of the school curriculum as well as field camp and face-to-face training aimed at developing the necessary skills for independent living.

COACHES (95 coach pairs in Moscow and Arkhangelsk Region, 54 new pairs, 88 candidates trained)

The program is aimed at helping unlock one’s personal potential and prepare pupils and graduates of the orphanages for independent life. Interaction with a committed adult friend makes it possible to fill in gaps in basic life skills and communication abilities, in planning their future and choosing a career and helps in coping with daily life and developing core values.

FAMILY (1,638 adoptive families, 87 children found their family, 440 families joined the club)

The program helps orphaned children find their new family, prepares candidates to take this important decision in the Adoptive Parents School, supports adoptive families during adaptation and crises; there is also the Adoptive Families Club for informal communications and support in the «peer-to-peer» format. The program also provides for professional psychological and legal support for adoptive families and those who only plan to become adoptive parents.

In 2019, the foundation organized the First Russian Conference for Specialists and Adoptive Parents on Attachment Disorders with the participation of international experts.

EDUCATION (Publication of books, Mass media, Educational activities on the city sites and in the companies, Social media projects)

Most problems of the orphanage are associated with the global misunderstanding and unawareness of what is going on in this sphere. Education is one of the effective tools that will help society proceed from toxic to systemic aid to orphaned children. Within the frames of the program, fiction books are published, the employees of the foundation give lectures on the orphanage, publish articles in mass media on the problems of adoption and adoptive parenthood, and hold issue-related seminars.


Expert review and formation of proposals for improving regulatory legal support in the sphere of childhood and accommodation of children in families.

Participation of MKB in activities of the Foundation

Cooperation with the foundation is not limited to a certain set of promotional events and activities; MKB enabled financial support of the foundation on the website of the Bank, in the personal client account, and in the mobile app. The function of funds transfer in cash or from a bonus account was implemented, which made donations easy and convenient. The Bank holds special promotional events for customers who transfer their cashback for charity programs (increased accrual of points, special offers).

The uniqueness of donation to the foundation via MKB services consists in the possibility to make donations to the foundation spending the minimum time: you just have to enter your personal online account on the website or in the mobile app, without following any links of the foundation and filling out the details of your card; funds or bonuses are transferred in two clicks.

Besides, everyone can make a donation via the chain of MKB terminals, which includes about 7,000 self-service terminals.

In 2019, the total private donations from MKB customers amounted to RUB 8.7 million (not including self-service terminals).

Activities with the participation of MKB:

  • The incoming phone line of the Bank broadcast an audio record about the foundation for several days three times a year.
  • The page of the foundation and the Charity section in MKB Online were updated.
  • In 2019, it became possible to donate cash funds and bonuses on Android and iOS devices. Up to 60% of all donations are received via MKB.Mobile.
  • Dedicated layouts and videos were created and posted on the displays of Terminals, and thus over RUB 1.5 million was collected.
  • The amount of funds collected with the help of the MKB—Donation from Every Purchase Charity Package was RUB 708,800.
  • Charitable events were held among the employees of the Bank; they were dedicated to the Children’s Day, Knowledge Day, Orphans Day, and New Year.

Joint activities and promotional events

Since its very foundation until present MKB has always supported the foundation financially and by participation in its various activities and promotional events. Corporate events of Arifmetika Dobra in which MKB participated in 2019:

  • Charitable donation to the Adoptive Parents Club in the amount of RUB 5 million. Instead of corporate gifts to the employees, MKB allocated funds to the foundation, and in return the employees received an electronic greeting card drawn by children from orphanages.
  • Charitable soccer tournament within the corporate league in support of adoptive families. The funds collected at the tournament were spent on organizing additional lessons for children under the care of the foundation. The foundation helps organize private tutoring for the children of orphanages in 8–11 grades to help them prepare for the basic state examination and the unified state examination. The teams raised RUB 0.3 million in total, and the team of MKB employees took the first place. The cup for the first place was delivered to the team by Sergey Ignashevich.
  • The charity Run with SAP uniting 27 teams to ensure one year of uninterrupted lessons with teachers for children of the Republican Orphanage and Izhevsk Orphanage (Udmurt Republic) on the main subjects for the 2019/2020 academic year. 400 runners took part in the run, and over RUB 1.5 million was collected. The MKB team took first place in the team scoring.
  • The Heartbeat charity run organized by the pharmaceutical company Servier to support Arifmetika Dobra charity foundation. The purpose of the run is to collect funds for preparing orphaned children with limited health capacities, children and graduates of Moscow orphanages in the 2019/2020 academic year to the independent life with the help of a significant adult, tutor (who dedicates themselves to the child from the orphanage and becomes a significant and close person in the child’s life). A total of RUB 0.7 million was collected.
  • Transfer of gift cards of Detsky Mir retail chain: in 2019, 411 cards for a total amount of RUB 616,500 were transferred.
Joint activities and promotional events


MKB delivered actual support to Arifmetika Dobra in organizing an immersive performance in the center of Moscow on Triumphal Square in the pavilion next to the monument to V. Mayakovsky. The immersive performance A Different Life offered ordinary passersby to go through special locations and put themselves in the orphaned child’s shoes, feel the life in an orphanage. The performance was prepared by actors of TEATR.DOC theater directed by its stage director Aleksander Tsoy. The actors got used to playing such an urgent social topic: all performances in the theater are based on true stories and lives of real people.

70 bloggers made posts about the marathon and A Different Life project on their Instagram and Facebook pages asking to join the marathon and follow it on the website. The promotional event was also broadcast online, and over 45,000 people watched a live stream of the journalist from the marathon. Over three million people—that’s the total number of followers of the bloggers who participated in the campaign.

Corporate Volunteering

Redkino boarding school in Kaluga Region

In 2019, MKB employees visited children of Redkino health-care boarding school in Kaluga Region repeatedly. During the visits, they held different master classes and learning games for children: cooking, dancing, underwater shooting, hairstyling and makeup, Lego and play-dough items, guitar playing, Fort Boyard quest game, and many others.

MKB employees talked to children and teachers of the boarding school to understand what help they need the most. Children are traditionally waiting for attention and care, they are easy to get in touch with and are ready to support any conversation or idea.

The opportunity to join such trips also boosts the employees and gives them inexpressible emotions, raises team spirit and unites the team, encourages them to reach new horizons. Besides, many MKB employees who cannot visit children but are willing to help them send them different presents: essential items, sweets, and brain games.

Visit to Domashniy dog shelter

In 2019, the team of MKB together with INKAKHRAN volunteers visited for the first time the shelter for homeless animals Domashniy managed by Ilona Bronevitskaya, an artist and a famous public person. The shelter lives without any support from the government or sponsors. Shelter workers gladly welcomed the guests and told them about their activity and dwellers.

Most dogs have been brought to the shelter from streets, they have never been home pets and don’t know what it is like; yet, almost all animals are cute and sociable. MKB employees brought presents and essential items for dwellers of the shelter (food, nappies, medicines).

We hope that the dogs living here will find their home. Come here to visit them, you won’t regret, and maybe you will find here something more than just a plenty of positive emotions”
said the coworkers who took part in volunteering activities.