Company Employees

General Provisions of HR Management

The main goal of the Bank’s HR policy is to build a team of workers possessing the necessary professional competences and expertise, capable of adapting to changes in the external and internal environment and to use them efficiently.

The MKB’s HR policy rests upon building an efficient management structure, developing talents, working not for the process but for the result. The Bank uses the model of general bank competences, which are important for employment apart from professional knowledge and work experience. We distinguish four competencies that we would like to see in every employee: efficiency, customer-centricity, teamwork, and innovation. Since MKB is focused on its customers, it is important for the employees of the company to demonstrate such qualities as responsiveness, willingness to help, and friendliness in their work.

In 2019, the Bank strengthened its team both in the traditional areas (corporate, retail) and in the field of innovation business, which is new for the Bank. Apart from the optimization and enhancement of process efficiency, MKB is extending its business actively.