Corporate Events

Corporate social responsibility is an important part of corporate culture; we share its principles and pay much attention to charitable activities. In 2019, volunteering was developing actively as part of the CSR concept. In 2019, the Bank’s employees organized masterclasses and the New Year fest for children of the orphan boarding school, helped the dog’s shelter, participated in a number of charitable activities together with Arifmetika Dobra foundation to help orphaned children from Moscow, Moscow Region, and other regions of Russia receive worthful education and social adaptation.

The Bank continues to develop corporate sports. Indoor soccer and hockey teams participate in different tournaments, including charitable ones. Participation of the Bank’s employees in running events becomes more popular, particularly including charitable runs together with Arifmetika Dobra foundation. In 2019, the Bank held the Donor Day for the first time for the purpose of voluntary blood donation, which had a big resonance.